Geraldine Tan

Director / Principal Registered Psychologist

BA (Psychology), Master in Arts (Applied Psychology), Doctorate Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Geraldine holds a Masters in Applied Psychology and is a Doctorate Candidate of Clinical Psychology. She has almost 2 decades of experience working with individuals with a multitude of psychological problems. Geraldine is trained in a number of techniques including, Choice and Reality Therapy (CTRT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR). Her desire to help has her fill her toolbox with exciting therapeutic methods like, Hypnotherapy, Play, Clay, Sand and Colour Therapy. She is also an ACTA accredited Trainer. She uses these techniques to help clients with clinical disorders and behavioural issues. Her clients span from the young ones with learning disabilities like dyslexia to autism and adults with depression, anxiety, personality disorders to marital issues.

Geraldine conducts psychological testing for cognitive functioning, personality and job suitability. On top of having conducted workshops and talks for numerous organizations, Geraldine is sought after by the media and has been featured widely in the media, including magazines, television and the internet to educate the public about the different disorders.

She is also dedicated in grooming the younger psychologists and is a registered supervisor with the Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP) and supervises the students in the Masters programme in the local universities, as well as working with local and overseas undergraduates.

Geraldine is a registered psychologist with the Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP) and she is a member of Crisis Response Network (CRN), working with local and expatriates in times of crisis, conducting Critical Incident Stress Management. She is an active member in other professional bodies, including the William Glasser Institute and EMDR Singapore and is a full member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA).

Lawrence Tan

Senior Registered Psychologist

BSc Hons (Psychology), Master in Arts (Applied Psychology),

Doctorate Candidate in Clinical Psychology

Lawrence, a registered psychologist is one of the few people in Singapore with dual certifications as a clinical supervisor with both the Singapore Psychological Society as well as the Association for Professionals specializing in Addictions Counselling. He has previously served as a Senior Psychologist, Head Trainer and Head of gambling services with the National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) and has 11 years of experience working with patients struggling with both addictive disorders as well as other psychological distress (mood disorders, trauma, interpersonal psychopathology, etc…). He is also well-trained in conducting group psychotherapy, flexibly utilizing cognitive behavioural, psychoanalytic, relational and inter-subjective approaches in his treatment.

His qualitative work with patients have been well published in journals like the Medical journal of addiction medicine & therapy, Journal of Addiction Research and the Journal of Neurological sciences. In the third quarter of 2017, Lawrence is invited by the Journal of Neurological Sciences to be one of their editors. He is also widely featured in the media and well sought after by both private and government agencies for his expert opinion on professional issues in his related area of work. Lawrence is also skilled at looking at new clinical initiatives, tracking treatment outcomes, training and supervising new clinicians.

As he is passionate about teaching, Lawrence regularly conducts both public education talks and professional workshops on managing addictive behaviours and other disorders. In 2009, He was awarded a Health Manpower Development Program scholarship for a two-month attachment at the Problem Gambling Services, State of Connecticut, Department of Mental Health, US, where he further enhanced his clinical expertise in gambling disorders. He was also awarded the NHG Teaching Award for Non-Physicians in 2012.

Amanda Ang

Senior Registered Psychologist

BA (Psychology), Master in Arts (Applied Psychology)

Amanda holds a Masters in Applied Psychology and is a registered psychologist with the Singapore Register of Psychologists (SRP). She has experience working with a wide variety of clients. Her areas of interest include positive psychology, child and adolescent psychology, sexuality and LGBT psychology. Amanda works with individuals of all ages on a multitude of psychological problems, which includes grief and loss, depression, and anxiety. Amanda is able to assist in coaching parents on dealing with teens’ behavioral issues. She specializes in individual psychotherapy with children and adolescents, addressing family and peer conflict, self-esteem, academic motivation, stress-related problems, and various mood disorders. Amanda has significant experience with individuals with LGBTQ issues. She runs annual support groups for the transgender community. Amanda uses an eclectic approach in her interventions and is constantly updating herself with new techniques including Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT).

Yeo Ke Xin


BA Psychology (Hons)

Ke Xin is a Psychologist at The Therapy Room. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University. For her honours thesis, Ke Xin conducted an independent research study on “Executive Function and Emergent Mathematical Skills Among Preschool Children in Singapore: Updating, Shifting and Inhibitory Control”. Ke Xin is interested in the area of child psychology, learning disorders and socio-emotional coping on mental well-being. She also enjoys being involved in counselling, shadowing of child clients and psychological assessments for children with learning difficulties or special needs. Ke Xin is part of the team at The Therapy Room conducting social and emotional skills workshops for children and adolescents. She is also keen on reaching out to the younger population through camps and workshops to explore stress management skills, leadership and self-motivation strategies with them. Prior to joining The Therapy Room, Ke Xin has worked with preschool children at the NTU Human Developmental Lab for three years. She conducted group intervention sessions for the improvement of working memory, inhibitory control and mental flexibility. She was also part of the team at Ministry of Education Psychological Services Branch for the School based Dyslexia Remediation Programme, providing assessments for the identification and long term tracking of students with learning difficulties.

Koh Jin Yi


BA Psychology (Hons)

Jin Yi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology from Nanyang Technological University with a second major in Biological Sciences. This allows her to explore the overlap between behaviours and the biology of the body.

Jin Yi is keen in the areas of the mental wellbeing in children. She manages both crisis management and grief in both the adult as well as children. She has assisted in Critical Incident Stress Management for organisations. Not limited to the above, she is also involved in counselling, shadowing of children with needs, and assists in the psychological testings.

As part of the team at The Therapy Room, Jin Yi coordinates the professional workshops for organisations and professionals, school talks and outreach. She aims to spread the knowledge of psychology to the public at both professional and school settings.

Janice Liew

Art Psychotherapist

BSc Psychological Science, MA Art Psychotherapy

Janice was a Special Needs Educator before obtaining her Masters in Art Therapy. As an educator, Janice has worked extensively with the youth population in school. She continues to develop her passion working with this population through her clinical training at the children’s ward in the Institute of Mental Health. For her master’s thesis, Janice studied the understanding of adolescent self-harm through art therapy.

Since then, Janice has been providing professional individual and group art therapy services to children and youths with trauma, at-risk behaviors, low self-esteem, self-harm, psycho-emotional challenges and special needs in schools and community settings. She has also worked with patients with dementia in a care home setting.